Method Body body wash bottles with white tile backdrop

made for
body + mind

whatever you’re in the mood for, method body has sumptuously scented soaps + body washes to match. infused with rich ingredients and habit-forming fragrances, these luscious suds nurture your senses, leave you feeling soft, smooth + smelling like a new attitude.

behind the bubbles

making soap + making a difference. here’s our fresh approach to doing business.

  • purpose

    it’s not just our scent-sational soap that gets us out of bed in the morning. we believe that doing good business also means doing good in the world, and as we grow we aim to have even greater impact on social + environmental issues.

  • people

    we love people. heck, we’re people ourselves. so along with keeping folks clean and fabulously fragrant, we also aim to support + improve the wellbeing of our community, our own team and the people who use our products.

  • planet

    if we had to choose just one planet to live on, we’d go with earth every time. so we think about the planet + environment a lot, like when we’re choosing our ingredients, developing our packaging and setting our manufacturing standards. we’re not always perfect, but we promise to keep making progress.

we clean up nice

biodegradable formulas are mindfully made without parabens, phthalates + sulfates.

with plant-based + other thoughtful ingredients to care for the skin you’re in.

cruelty-free products tested by people, not on animals.

bottles made with over 50% recycled plastic (PCR) recycle for good karma.

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